News - Self-released Lawrence Taylor surely needs all our attention: Bang Bang

Read the lyrics here Bang Bang.
Throw yourselves into a whirlwind, because this track deals with that harsh and inhumane defensive system people usually have activated when they meet each other. Our conservative fluids flow like a waterfall through us when we sense someone trying to pass our fence.

Though from another year, another singer and another musical genre altogether, these lyrics come in mind: "Is our skin to keep the world out or our bodies in?".

You can get to know Lawrence Taylor from over here, and of course, from his Twitter, but the music speaks for itself. Bang Bang is a detonation of what relationships came to be: a military/strategic inquest into the land of "the other", a raised eyebrow and an 18th century gala meeting, filled with courteous "where do I know you from"s, and less courteous "I don't know you"s.