News - M.I.A. has two new songs lined up for us: Swords and Warriors

Read the lyrics here Swords.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Warriors;
- complete lyrics for CanSeeCanDo;
- complete lyrics for Gold;
I cannot attain the observation that these two songs would have went perfectly with Tarantino's "Kill Bill". M.I.A. mixes up some insane sword effects and fighting sounds in her songs, something out of old Terminator or Play Station video games.

Both songs are on itunes, featured on a new album called "Matahdatah Scroll 01: Broader Than a Border". There's a video out for Swords, and it's here, filmed in India and Africa. Tribal dance included.

She's visiting 10 more countries, so we're expecting more videos. Lyrics on top of the page.