News - Fidlar has a new video out for West Coast. New album out in September

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Director Ryan Baxley releases this video for Fidlar's "West Coast". Is it a theatrical masterpiece? No. It's not even supposed to be. The way they act in concerts and the way they interact with the audience and the environment makes everything fairy-tale like. It's like people are united in a great-big-mind-blowing hippy trance over there. The video does the same to the home-bound viewing public.

Memorable parts:

- 0:48 someone's having a tattoo job done, and guess what, it says "FILDAR";

- 1:14 Here goes the guy from Meat Market

- 2:57 Burgerama from the Burgerama IV tv show is there, wow

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This is a new version of the song, for those that were present in 2012, when the original version was launched. We'll give you the heads up when the album, Too, drops in September.