News - Lord Have Mercy, a sample from OG Maco's 'Children Of The Rage' that's both intriguing and attractive

Read the lyrics here Lord Have Mercy.

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A variant of this track was used during the XXL Cypher. OG Maco is just playing around with sounds. He doesn't want to feed us the whole cookie before all the batch is good and baked. Don't get startled if you've only listened to a song that's not going to be on his highly expected Children Of The Rage album. It's like an expensive perfume: you stray some out of a tester, it seems nice, you buy it, but then you realize that the skin needed some time to adjust with the smell, so now it's not smelling as it was in the store. You're gonna think, wait, at least I can get my money back with a perfume. How am I gonna get my money back after I listen to OG Mac's new album? Well, you're not. The man's just saying "I'm not giving out test samples". He is, but they're not exactly going to be on the album.

But you guys know what this man's all about. His OGG and WHOOOH and SHEEESH! are practically labels by now. They're like Lil Wayne's YEAAAAH, or Rick Ross's WOOOH. You'll have plenty of that on the album. Until then, check out this song called "Lord Have Mercy". It's unlike anything you'd expect from a song like this. It's not like Solo Lucci, or all those other rappers that are ready to kill, but before they do they kiss their gun and ask God for mercy. None of that. OG Maco is really unique with his bars, and countless rows of descriptions wouldn't fit all his swag. So just try to fit it through your ears, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the album in a week or so. Achoo-eers!