News - Teedra Moses releases 'That One', a track off the upcoming Cognac and Conversation album

Read the lyrics here That One (ft. Anthony Hamilton).

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The album's out on the 7th of August, and this song featuring Anthony Hamilton should not be mistaken for that 2011 song called "The One", off Luxurious Undergrin.

Of course this song is a bit spiritual, a bit sophisticated (don't get offended by the 'bit' part, I mean, how spiritual and sophisticated can a song be? It's not a sermon, and it can't be like Joyce's 'Ulysses'). It talks about a woman's expectations, insecurities, how a woman should handle her heart, and so on. Her invitation for some "Cognac and Conversation" is well thought. Maybe something brown and inviting is exactly what we need. Are we reading into the symbolism too bluntly? Listen to the song and conversate :)