News - We've heard "Till The End", the last album signed by Christian metalcore band Phinehas, and we have the lyrics ready for you guys

Complete lyrics for Phinehas' new album, "Till The End" :

- complete lyrics for White Livered;
- complete lyrics for Truth Be Told;
- complete lyrics for Dead Choir;
- complete lyrics for Tetelestai;
- complete lyrics for Forever;
- complete lyrics for Coup de grâce;
- complete lyrics for Iliaster (More Than Skin);
- complete lyrics for Seven;
- complete lyrics for Till the End;
- complete lyrics for Evening Gray and Morning Red.
You'll find a little video here where Daniel Gailey, Phinehas' new guitarist, says that being new in a band requires both innovation and a conservative approach to the older members' musical views.

The new album addresses a large spectrum of themes, including the American Dream ("Dead Choir"), trust and deceit ("White Livered"), the power of belief and stability in faith ("Truth Be Told"), making peace with the past, fighting towards a better future ("Forever West"), and many more.

You can preorder the album:

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It's gonna be out on July 11th, so stand by. We already have all the lyrics, but having them transcribed by ear after live footages and low qual' videos makes them a bit uncertain. The official launch of the album always brings in a new light over the album lyrics. Be sure to check out the few songs that we DO have from this album: Tetelestai and Truth Be Told.