News - Fronzilla going all stalker on us: Creeper

Read the lyrics here Creeper.
Yes, comrade, being creep good when have Lamborghini. He's got almost 100 dislikes and 200 likes on his newest video for the song Creeper. People really deal with novelty in a conservatory way at first, don't they? No matter how liberal you are, what's really new and taking the current state of affairs to an outmost extreme will be receive with some sort of reproach. Same here. The man's only putting out what he saw people relate to: beats, bitches, fast cars, luxury life. The only difference is he took it to another level.

Remember Veronica Vega's Pay Me? She took Nicki Minaj to another level. All the other songs are about bitches and strip-clubs, why shouldn't she make one? Well, almost half of her interactions are dislikes.

What did they do wrong? Nothing! People are conservative listeners, and when I say that I mean the following:

- it would be a false assessment to say that people don't like songs about strip-clubs, bitches, money, cars;

- a similarly false assessment would be saying "yes, they listen to such music, but they still want it to be smart, subtle, not straightforward like some snobs approach music";

- of course subtleness isn't an issue: no song is subtle. Of course we all know what Kelis meant through Milkshake; of course everyone knows what Humps are; Madonna's "Like A Virgin"?! Mika's "Lollipop"? "Love Is An Elevator"? Music is transparent, man, there's nothing subtle about it;

- people listen to what others listen to, they're highly influenced by others, either willingly or subconsciously; before something to become a fad, what's already a fad needs to fade away; people just aren't ready for such straightforward stances like in these songs... but they're getting there;

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