News - Jungle Rot have something in store for you guys. Their new album, Order Shall Prevail, is in stores!

Complete lyrics for the songs off the new album:

- complete lyrics for Doomsday;
- complete lyrics for Paralyzed Prey;
- complete lyrics for Blood Revenge;
- complete lyrics for Fight Where You Stand;
- complete lyrics for Order Shall Prevail;
This death metal band has a unique view on overpopulation, life, society, coalition, religion. Their new album, Order Shall Prevail, points toward an intellectual revolution by means of which people may reconcile and live happily. Their wage on revolution involves a violent approach("Harmony, balance must be restored with the spilling of blood"), nocturnal attacks and decisive hits that will shatter that unknown enemy's armor.

There are a couple of pages you can visit to get in touch with the latest news from the guys. Here's a fanclub that's growing daily. You definitely know their facebook page, on which they have a little contest going on. You can vote for the album of the week on Revolver over here, but not after you've heard the whole album, we beg of you :D Metal depends on you!