News - Mila J and Bobby Brackins back on a hot song called 'Sorry'

Read the lyrics here Sorry.

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I gotta say this is for the traps and trunks. It's got that young vibe, that sit in the car and pump it up sound. Talkin' bout my bu, bout ride or die, this is the kind of song that'll never bore you, nor will it leave you lonely.

Bobby Brackins covers the heavy rap part of the song. His delivery is on point, a straight jab in the second verse that doesn't leave you with any breath in 'em lungs.

A slight drop in audience, Mila? No way. This song's leaked and has been building up views on sites like youtube and audiomack, but unfortunately, it's been banned on each of these sites. If you add up those views, you'll round up roughly 30.000 viewers. And that's in 9 hours. The reason she's not officially unveiled the song is because (we believe) she's got a video prepared for it. Mustard's on the production, so don't be amazed if this songs gets the popularity it needs in a week or so. Stay tuned!