News - This LA emcee slammed a new record with Crooked I and King Los: Jurassic Park

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This is a sort of semi-sci-fi story in which the emcee occupies the central position and is literally boasting using all the weapons he can grab. Eminem used to do songs of this magnitude, ergo it was only right to finish the song with a line from one of his famous songs. A less known rapper did this, picturing the emcee inside a FPS game, slaying everything in his power: I'm talking about Termanology's - No Surrender. Of course rap like this has degraded. That's the guys' main concern. They wanna bring back elocution and wipe those lame voice-gun sounds (craaa craaa, pow pow, raaa raaa) and car imitations (skeeeeet) clean off the blackboard. They want intelligent bars, not those "I smoke, I drink, I fuck, I drive" lines that kids sure do like. Of course music needs to be thought provoking. The only reason it hasn't been so for the last 10 years or so is because children of smaller and smaller ages have started making the crowd and artists with thicker and thicker pockets have decided to make them their prime concern. These guys are saying "NO! Kid, go finish up your homework!". If you want some relaxing time, go eat a sandwich or something. Music isn't your sandwich. Music is grown men's turf.

Btw, do you know what singers that can't even rap with a crutch call their "rap-wanna-be" excuse for music? TRAP! You talk about guns, bitches, money, clothes and jewelry over a slow ass beat, and you call that trap! Music for the real. This is far from that.

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