News - Prod. by Dan Haynes, Witt Lowry's 'Used To You'

Read the lyrics here Used To You.

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Witt Lowry (stage name, his real name - Mark Richard, Jr.) is unequivocally one of the artists today that perfectly balance brains and artistic delivery. Instead of just saying cliche after cliche with a tight beat behind his words, he picks up inspiration from street psychology, visual arts, inner and outer distress, and literally responds wherever the modern soul addresses a question.

In this newest track (he's got the giver's hand, so I'm sure you can download most of his tracks, including this one, from here) he addresses one night stands in a different way. No, women that do that aren't "bitches", no, they're not THOTS, craving, lusting orangutans that twerk for money and attention. He addresses these girls trying to find more meaning in a gesture. He doesn't find the quickest possible exit (like people do with critical internet comments, labeling all of them as hate). He dives into the beaten, ruffed up, coerced, mentally granulated human's acts and conceives another answer to common knowledge. This is surely something to relate. So relate to it! His album, "Dreaming With Our Eyes Open", is on the way. More news when it's about to drop. Until then, check out his facebook account. He's got ton of things happening there. Cheers!