News - Drew Scott went and made a sort of pizza with his newest song 'Cutie', but we like it still!

Read the lyrics here Cutie.

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All is well in the beginning. That Young California sound is kicking. I don't care who you are, if you're not feeling it, then you're somewhere in Greenland, living in a whole 'notha season.

Between the Chorus and Second Verse you got a sort of itchy Ace Of Base sound. It cannot not remind us of "The Sign". I dunno what it's doing there. Of course they put some makeup on it, right? You can tell they're the same notes, but with a beat and some "hey hey hey hey hey" over them. That's not bad tho. Music's all about how you blend in different influences. You cannot be 100% original.

What's adorable is how he's standing up for his lady, and how he's revolving around the word "sex", but never really reaches it. She's his "ride or die chick", and that's what we love. She's more than an object. This is modern R&B with the sex and club-life really cosmeticized. There! We finished this article and invented a new word too. How badass is that?

Btw, we're talking about this Drew Scott, not the pro-gay-marriage actor, director and viner, Drew Scott. Just look up Drew Scotty on twitter. That's our guy! Cheers!