News - Chris Largo and Orry Jackson teamed up for Close To Mine, a sensational electronic piece

Read the lyrics here Close To Mine.
And when we say sensational, we mean meant only for the senses. If your brain jumps in half-way through the song, it'll surely have a shocker! What is it with these singers that promote sex through their pores? Has music become solely merchantable, this obvious volatile instrument that's sole purpose is to rake money out of our pockets?

The song's awful:

- its rhyming words are satisfaction - attraction - affection - action; then on the second verse you have attention - direction - selection - section; and that's of course, private section; what kind of a song adopts an AAAA rhyming pattern?! Hello?!

- the chorus is sung over what seems to be 2 or 3 youtube tabs opened up in the same time; way to go! Marvelous mixing! I had to pause the song just to make sure I didn't have any pop-ups playing music in the background;

- using models, making them undress and take sexy naked baths in front of the camera, in order to get some views is pathetic. Thank you, but we know where Beeg and Kindgirls is;

- the message you're putting out is being ravenously imitated by every "sensational" kid from Turkey to India; thanks to songs like this, women all around are receiving half naked pictures(if they're lucky and they're not fully naked pictures) from complete and utterly disgusting strangers; makes us wanna reply with that Tarantino quote, only slightly different: "does it say 'half-naked Indian photo storage' on my facebook wall?!".

I urge listers to stop turning music into a solely sensational thing. Music needs to be smart, otherwise we're goin' to listen to wolf howls with beats in our near future. We're going to link you guys up to these singers' facebook accounts, so you can check 'em out, conceive an opinion of your own, but by the look of those lame "theatrical-wanna-be" pictures on both of Orry and Chris Largo's profiles, we can tell that your viewing experience is gonna be a total fiasco. SPOILER: Gucci bags, Apple laptops, selfie sticks, fast cars and photoshopped "fire and ice coming outta your back" routines.

Chris Largo --> here
Orry Jackson --> here

Thought the song is no punk, it's produced by Planet Punk Records. :( Enjoy!