News - Harvey Spectre from the TV show Suits advertised this electro pop slash soul band called Elmo. Here's their full album, Connected

Read the lyrics here Shine.

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The band's produced by Lonely Wold Records, and whenever something big, as a TV Show, or a highlight band, promote another band, we feel the two-sided cut from a blade: we're happy that such marketing strategies exist, but we're sad that people in general aren't open to the little marketing there is. I've always militated for longer antennas, and occurrences like these prove my point: have you ever let a band wander into your heart ten years after they released their first record and felt bad you haven't listened to them earlier? That's how I felt a lot of times when I was young. I was late for the party. Now people are really racing to catch those +301 views on youtube, which is fabulous.

Elmo are a British band of contemporary electronic, pop, soul, beats and hip-hop. They're Londoners, and there's literally not one song that doesn't clasp your heart and somehow break you, like a torturous Fata Morgana. They're minimal in form, but the words they use are more than enough when it comes to creating ambiance.

Here's one of their latter work here, and you can definitely buy their newest album, Connected. Be sure to check out the lyrics for the new album on the top of this page, and on our home page. Cheers!