News - Joey Fatts' new song Grindin is something of a novelty. III Street Blues old, Grindin new

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Going neck deep into this one, bearing the whole weight on his shoulders ("bitch I'm the plug and the middleman"), Joey Fatts delivers some quick-lip jabby bars over a late 70' gangster sound. He says he's experimenting, taking music a little bit further every time, and we believe him. This Go Grizzly produced track sounds really different from all that's put out today. If you got your old-timer Cadillacs and recently purchased Glocks, then take those babies on a ride while this song bursts out the speakers, because that is exactly what this is: a perfect blend of old and new.

Joey also told Complex that he's playing around with the thought of making a Mariachi song. I guess he's gotta fit rap in there, and that's the idea that really blew our mind. We can't wait for that. Stay tuned!