News - One Direction released Saturday Night and Who We Are, two new songs, alongside their autobiography

Read the lyrics here Who We Are.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Saturday Night;
- complete lyrics for 18;
- complete lyrics for Night Changes;
One Direction released a song alongside their autobiography, that's coming in hardcover format and e-book format. The song's called exactly the same as the book, "Who We are", and it's telling us who the guys came to be, taking us through a lifetime of wild and amusing experiences.

You can buy their autobiography here and follow up on some other really interesting material we've found about them today here. The last hyperlink is a commercial for a (------- we're not gonna spoil that for you) that just came out today. If you liked them in the Pepsi and Toyota commercial, then you're gonna love this. Oh, don't forget their new collab with 5 Seconds To Summer. It's in the upper part of this page, it's called "Saturday Night". :D