News - Sean Brown's newest album, Solitude, is out and running. Free download

Read the lyrics here Too Late.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Hustle 2 Get It;
- complete lyrics for Aisle 4;
- complete lyrics for Move On;
This is a very inspiring, very vertical (note, not oblique) album, coming from a man with certain virtues, certain ideologies, coming from a man that loves his family (there's "Grampie", a song dedicated to all grandmas, that was really touching), a man that speaks of his son in nearly every song in this new album called Solitude.

Produced by plenty of skillful emcees(Static Beatz, Nik Blvkk, King Dave, Eric Vargas, Joey Castellani), this album has no help from featuring artists, and has a slick and non-linear delivery. Even the hook doesn't play such a huge role in the songs. It's all about the message. We urge you to download it and listen to it full =>> ova here.

Out of the whole ten songs album, we definitely enjoyed Too Late. You have the link for it down here. Cheers!