News - Here's a French deejay that's gonna blow your mind: Silience - Everything Gonna Be Better

Read the lyrics here Everything Gonna Be Better.
Silience hasn't been producing deep house music for the longest of time, but we believe that this form of music is the one that's closest to a human's nature, thus it allows people to compose from the earliest of times. Your voice changes, so you can't start singing at a really early age without taking your fans through the ordeal of puberty and voice change. That wouldn't be fair. If you're a rapper, lets say, you can't rap at an early age, because thoughts also change, they mature, so fans won't be able to reach out to your early work. It doesn't even need to be rap. Anything with words, anything that conveys a direct message. Think of Willow Smith: her early work and her present work.

With house you can't go wrong. The youngest of deejays have proved to be major artists. Experience, again, isn't a variable. You can make a great first song just because minimalist sounds are so close to the human nature. Think of how quick a singer like Madeon made the covers.

Silience is new. He's from Nantes, France. We haven't heard from him before. But his music is gorgeous. He featured a certain Joe on this song (Everything Gonna Be Better). Joe's doing the vocals. We believe that such a good song deserves a more frontline name. It deserves better coverage, and simply Joe doesn't cut it. Google won't index something as indistinguishable. Even Silience is a name that google will immediately correct to Silence. We're vouching for such artists, so we hope these slight formal critiques may prove helpful.

The Vibe Guide did a great job at promoting Silience's song. What we ourselves hope is that you'll trust eager listeners like us and give this song a try. We couldn't believe how much of a positive feeling hid behind one mouse click. Joe's singing a sort of jazzy bit over Silience's shrill beats and guitars. Joe's voice really sounds like a male version of that 1989 hit "Ride on Time", from Black Box. :D