News - Bob Thiele and The Forest Rangers' newest video is a short film masterpiece to say the least

Read the lyrics here Trying To Believe.
I don't wanna overstretch my ovations here. I cannot withdraw a single word from my final sentence: this song alongside with the video are really good. They've got the ambiance set, they've got the sounds to the exact loner, low-life, faithless gambler soundtrack, and they've made the video something you watch without blinking.

I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but it's got a skepsis. Those are not just men and women playing the Russian roulette in the video, they're people gambling their lives, raising the stakes up to a catastrophic boxing match with whomever created us. There are Russian roulette players that have achieved the wonderful feat of stacking the barrel of the gun with 5 bullets out of 6 and see the light of day. Those are not mere actors playing in the video, but they are Mark Boone, Jr. (Bobby Munson), Dayton Callie (Wayne Unser), Michael Ornstein (Chucky), Niko Nicotera (Ratboy), Bob Thiele Jr. and Alison Mosshart. The ladder plays the role of a devastated woman with the tact and refinement that Helena Bonham Carter displayed in "Fight Club".

Their upcoming album, "Land Ho!", will see land on the 10th of July. We'll definitely be there to greet it properly. Check out their facebook page for the latest news here.