News - Carly Rae Jepsen's new album E-MO-TION is scheduled to drop June the 24th. We've got some songs ready for you though!

Songs off the upcoming album :

- complete lyrics for Your Type;
- complete lyrics for Run Away With Me;
- complete lyrics for E-Mo-Tion;
- complete lyrics for All That;
- complete lyrics for I Really Like You.
Her third album, EMOTION, separated, or if you'd like, stylized like a panting person's pronunciation would sound like, E-MO-TION, it's just two days away from it's official launch. We already have five songs lined up for you guys

All That
I Really Like You
Run Away With Me
Your Type

, the last of which you'll definitely love!

It's a song about a couple that met in their hometown(maybe), and then got separated when he moved away. She found out he's back in town with another girl, and suddenly that makes the first girl "not his type". But she definitely IS his type, they'd be perfect together if time wouldn't have meddled between them. You're gonna feel the whole dilemma in lyrics like these:

"You know I'm just a friend to you
But I will never get to call you mine
But I still love you, I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I love you
I didn't mean to say what I said
I miss you, I mean it
I try not to feel it
But I can't get you outta my head"

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