News - Skyzoo teams up with Jadakiss on 'See A Key', a track off Music For My Friends

Read the lyrics here See A Key (Ki).

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This hallucinatory song invokes keys/kilos as a sort of explanatory scenario for why people need to hustle all the time. IF you don't see the key, then you don't have it in your blood to make it.

This is basically what Jada and Skyzoo are rapping here over an oldie, dating back from 1966: The Five Stairsteps - "Come Back". I think this kinda technique, reviving the classics, is getting old. Too many people are using it, in too many ways. Like, they don't even let it play (like Raewkon and Fabulous do, for example). They play it for 10 seconds, so you hear 2-3 verses, then they mix it and it's back to a totally different instrumental(since it's mixed).

Skyzoo's album Music For My Friends dropped earlier, so be sure to check back on the lyrics really soon. That being said, I'mma leave you guys with a question.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you see a key? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(if not, what do you see?)

That's two questions :D