News - Usher and Dj Cassidy promised us a journey to Paradise. Buckle up!

Read the lyrics here Paradise.

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Pretty erratic lyrics, wonderful funkeh beat, this new 'Usher Baby' reminds us of Uncle Charlie, or of Mark Ronson.

Lines like 'Take my hand, you're in good care!', or that rhythm that brings you to ecstasy in the line right underneath not only makes you confine in him 100%, but sweeps you off your seat and sends you right to the dance floor.

Unfortunately, we believe the song is a sort of teaser (who's ever seen a two minutes teaser?!), but no worries, Usher shares enough to make him remembered for at least a couple of weeks. You have more than you've bargained for, with an intro, two verses, two choruses and a bridge. The bridge is why we believe this is a teaser, because it 'leads' nowhere. There should be a chorus, or another verse and a chorus, after the bridge. Instead, it ends abruptly.

I'll leave you to it! Enjoy!