News - Redemption Of The Beast is out, and man, DMX is surely smokin em bars

Read the lyrics here Iím Gonna Win.

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I'mma do a lil experiment right here. I find it baffling to transcribe verses to songs with pre-announced numbers of bars. I never get the right amount of bars, no matter how I do it. But I can guarantee you it's not me. The transcribing itself is tricky. Try doin' it yourself, you will never, and I can guarantee you, never, get the correct amount of bars on your first shot.

This brings me to DMX's song. The song's called '56 Bars', and unless there's some subliminal message I didn't get, to my disappointment, I only got 40 bars. And that's, of course, if you can count that final self destruction message a bar. BEEEEEP! I'mma post you ten bars and leave you to it. Download the album from newalbumrelseases dot net, they always have albums two or three days before they appear on youtube. is going to have lyrics annotations soon, so check back and watch songs become encyclopedia references. Wham! I can't wait for that to happen.

1. I make moves that get me where I'm goin'
2. Break fools that act like they ain't know it
3. Highscorin' the sound, with the glitch off
4. Cuz that's that kid, a master kid, that bastard kid
5. Havin' to break shit or taste shit
6. Look, muthafucka, if you ain't me, you ain't shit
7. Fuckin' faggot, you know I coulda been stucka to ya
8. Nigga, I wouldn't even think about fuckin' with you
9. But now I know you're man enough'
10. Think the type like who the fuck this?