News - Cassidy has sure got a chicken that you can gobble up: All U Can Eat

Read the lyrics here All U Can Eat.

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Man, has Ca$$ got it goin'. No remorse, no measure, no limit, he's goin' all into this buffet gig. People have died at all you can eat restaurants, imagine if they had all they could eat at home. A self-made all you can eat, off of grinding, that's what Cassidy's implying.

He puts it in a sort of commercially way, like he's running for Thug President, or something. If you wanna eat, come to us! Cassidy's Home Bred Chicken! Ka-Ching!

Anyway, Cass is a major disser, he's a mastermind of ill flows and heavy invective. This Bishop produced track is coming right after a Dizaster battle, one you can watch online too, if you're into something more than Epic Rap Battles between Joker and Batman. Salute!