News - Cassidy gathers his long slumbering juice and strings up two hot new licks

Read the lyrics here Hot Nigga (Freestyle).

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Mr. Chicken (Dizaster Diss);
- complete lyrics for Worst Behavior (We Made It);
- complete lyrics for Put A Beat On;
Out of the two songs that we're promoting here today, I would have to say that the Hot Nigga freestyle is far superior to the second song, that's called Mr. Chicken.

So here we have it, two new songs in one heartbeat, ready to be listened to and appreciated to their true valor. I got you the Epic Freeway vs. Cassidy battle from the 90' in the complete lyrics section of this news feed. That's because I feel there's not enough light shining on it, first of all, and then there's a mention of the battle in Mr. Chicken. That's a Dizaster diss, Cass will be battlin' him on December the 6th, in a disastrous rap war. The man is just warming up with Mr. Chicken.

Now on to the next one. Wait till you hear this: he didn't wanna get on Hot Nigga, because every rapper and his mom got in on the freestyle, but some fans on Twitter and Instagram dared him to do it. He literally kills it, puttin' in some raw itchy finger on the trigger verses, some human centipede sex scenes (you know that boy fucks girl eaten by another girl shit), and when he's not killin' us his brand new gats, he's wearing gloves so he can strangle us to death.

Give it up to Cassidy!