News - New Song from Coldplay

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42 (Geck-o Bootleg For Ground Zero Closing Act).

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It’s called “Midnight” and it strays far from what we’ve come to expect from this band.

If you thought “Viva La Vida” was Coldplay’s experimental, quirky album, you have another thing coming. The new track has nothing of that arena rock or those catchy guitar lines, it is what truly experimental music sounds like for Coldplay.

The vocals are soulful, Chris Martin delivering a product with nothing of what we’ve come to know as their blueprint. The lyrics are barely decipherable over the electronic soundscape and the bridge is nothing less than a truly trance piece. Fans have compared this track with music from Bon Iver or Imogen Heap, but we don’t know yet how it will be received by everyone, nor if it will be included on a future album or not.

Nevertheless, you should definitely listen to “Midnight” below: