News - Demi Lovato Unites 4 Good

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The pop star is now promoting a movement called unite4:good and on Monday she tweeted “What do you stand 4? Stand up 4 a good cause + make a pledge on behalf of @Unite4good in honor of #u4gunite4humanity.”

The foundation was started by philanthropist Anthony Melikhov in 2013. It aims at making change on a global scale by connecting people with organizations that need help. It also wants to “establish a new standard whereby acts of kindness and service become so valued and celebrated that people make them a part of their daily life,” according to their site.

Proving her involvement, Demi made a trip this weekend to Levine Children’s Hospital in North Carolina, helping the kids smile and feel better, if only for a few hours. The Ryan Seacrest Foundations organized this visit.
Demi Lovato is now on her Neon Lights World Tour and she will be in Sunrise, Florida on Tuesday. The tour will be over on May 17 in Monterrey, Mexico.