News - Is Rihanna Afraid of Undies?

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Rihanna has “underwear phobia!”

The sexy Barbadian singer is reportedly seeking therapy for her fear of panties.

According to an insider, “[Rihanna] is seeking therapy to overcome her feeling of entrapment when wearing bras and knickers. She insists she feels more free and liberated when she goes commando,” the same source told British magazine Heat.

We’ve all noticed how scantily clad Rihanna is, but we’ve never considered why the singer adopted this fashion style. In a recent interview, the artist explained how her look has evolved over the years:

“As a little girl, I only ever wanted to wear my brother's clothes. I grew up with my brothers and [male] cousins so it was only when I met my best friend at 14 and discovered fashion magazines that I got into heels,” she confessed. “Before that, I always went out in sneakers and pants with a T-shirt rolled up and my cap low. I was never girly.”