News - Britney Happy With Her Boring Existence

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Britney Spears has recently confessed to having “a kind of boring” life.

Although the singer is one of the most iconic stars of her generation, she doesn’t seem to have a very exciting life. According to Britney, she is down to earth and likes to enjoy things moderately and in balance.

“I’m really kind of boring. I’m not high maintenance -- I love my bed; I love working out. I’m very simple,” the pop diva told Entertainment Tonight.

The “Toxic” singer even mentioned the silliest rumor she has ever heard about herself. Apparently Britney was the victim of a death hoax that even fooled her close ones.

“It was on the radio that I died,” Britney said. “My family called me, wondering if I’m dead ... It was pretty odd.”

Although Britney Spears became known as a music icon, the singer declared that what she really ever wanted is to make people happy. Apparently what the hit-maker wishes the most is to make her friends laugh, and wishes she was better at telling good jokes.

“I would like to be remembered as someone who makes you laugh,” she added. “I just think laughter is the most joyful thing you can do . I’m really not [a good joke teller] but I wish I was.”

Britney’s latest album, Britney Jean, is out now.
Her E! TV special, I Am Britney Jean, will premiere in North America next Sunday, on the 22nd of December.