News - New Music: Brandy's Let me go is here

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Brandy is coming to us with a new banger from the forthcoming album "Two Eleven", due October 16. The long R&B diva posted tracks in anticipation to her YouTube channel from her LP, and the latest song is "Let me go".

"Let me go" is produced by Bangladesh and written by Sean Garrett and carries a grooving beat. The main desire of the song is to find a man that she can't let him go. "Love your cocky talk, damn your denims/ Make me wanna act like I just can’t remember/ If mama saw that side of me, she would be on Twitter, saying, ‘You know I didn’t raise you that way," sings Brandy.

Garret declared to The Boombox, "That album is nuts. I just feel like... I couldn't believe that people were really ready to discount her as an incredible artist."

Last week she released another edgy ballad titled "No Such Thing As Too Late," produced by Rico Love and Jim Jonsin.

Listen to Brandy's latest here: