News - Gym Class Heroes release new visuals Life Goes On

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Gym Class Heroes have released a tour music video for their "Life Goes On" single included on the highlightning The Papercut Chronicles II which dropped in November last year.

The Matt Chronicles was actually added as a subtitle to the clip as it prominently features the band's drummer Matt McGinley. During the whole clip we see people moving in reverse while McGinley moves forward. It starts off in a tour bus and it doesn't take much long before the drummer gets up and begins his journey.

He walks through snow-covered streets, hopping over broken fences and moving from one sidewalk to another. He soon finds a pin in a snow pile with the words "Captain Awesome" written on it. He finally arrives backstage at a show and heads straight for his dressing room. He puts the pin on and walks out to the stage to meet his bandmates and assume his proper position behind his drums and cymbals as a roaring crowd welcomes them.

An energic performance of the rap-rock band is included at the end of the clip. A short post about the video on the band's website says, "Sometimes you're the only one moving forward in an entire world tha's pushing back," pretty much describing the entire theme of the visuals.

Gym Class Heroes "Life Goes On" music video: