News - Carrie Underwood walks in a bright new day in her Blown Away video

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Creating a dramatic storyline - which just follows the song's lyrics - that takes her from being the studious child of an agry alcoholic to the gorgeous survivor emerging in the light of a bright new day, Carrie Underwood just premiered the much awaited clip "Blow Away".

Inspired from the Wizard Of Oz, the clip follows the country singer bedeviled by whisky, twisters and history. As an inspiring and modern-day Dorothy, Carrie doesn't fall down not by the catastophic, bad weather or by an abusive relantionship. The crumbling yellow brick road, the scarecrow stuffed in the storm shelter, the singer's pet companion, and of course, the return to color and light (and a rainbow) at the clip's conclusion definitely makes Carrie's mission accomplished for this Dorothy's adventurous clip.

The video was premiered exclusively on E!News and you may watch it in here.

Carrie Underwood "Blow Away"

"We wanted to create this modern-day, tragic Wizard of Oz mini-movie," Carrie said in this behind-the-scenes interview from the set of the video, as she subtle reveals during the clip her pair of red shoes.