News - Rockers Coldplay will release their own Mylo Xyloto comic book early 2013

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Penned by Academy Award-winning writer/director Mark Osbourne, Coldplay will be releasing a six-part comic book series inspired by band's fifth studio album "Mylo Xyloto". Set to debut at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and will also be available for purchase starting February 2013.

During a Q&A segment on the website, Osborne explains how the concept of the project was formed. Of the comic's origins, he says, "The comic is the latest expression of a music-driven feature animated film that the band and I started developing several years ago."

Osborne continues to say that after finishing "Kung Fu Panda", he was looking to fulfill some dream projects which included "a new kind of 'Yellow Submarine'." After learning about the band's creative process in making "Mylo Xyloto" through a story on "60 Minutes," he contacted the band and "it turned out it was perfect timing and Chris [Martin] and I started collaborating in Los Angeles over the course of that summer."

With regards to the panel discussion being held by Osborne at the Comic -Con on Friday, 13 July, the band say that this is where fans "can ask him 'who's major minus?' and 'what the hell's the hypnofeed all about?'." They "hope you like it. it was fun making it." The production team behind the comic will also be available for autographs.

After the first edition is released at the convention (July 12-15), the rest of the issues will be available monthly starting February 2013 and will be published by Matt Groening's Bongo Comics Group. The book will revolve around Mylo's story and universe as they came together and ended up providing the backdrop for the album and tour.

Coldplay's album include the Rihanna-collaborative single "Princess Of China" and you may watch the clip below: