News - Owl City premiered new track Take It All Away off Shooting Star EP

Read the lyrics here Take It All Away.

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Several days before his new Shooting Star EP hits the stores (May 15), the one-man band Owl City shared new track "Take It All Away" which is a slow-burning jam, very sunny and featuring Adam Young's tenor voice on the hook. "Take It All Away" was co-produced by Adam and KoOol Kojack, and he co-wroted with Allan P. Grigg, Nate Camapny and Emily Wright.

Shooting Star EP involved working on his upcoming summer LP with Reliant K frontman Matt Thiessen, Grammy-winning producers Stargate and the team of Josh Crosby, Nate Campany, and also with Emily Wright. Take a listen to Owl city's new jams "Take It All Away" and "Gold" after the jump.

Owl City Summer's Promoting tour dates, as follows:
- July 9 Toronto, ON
- July 10 New York, NY
- July 12 Chicago, IL
- July 13 Minneapolis, MN
- July 15 Denver, CO
- July18 Los Angeles, CA
- July 20 Sacramento, CA
- July 21 San Francisco, CA
- July 23 Seattle, WA
- July 31 Copenhagen, Denmark
- August 1 Berlin, Germany
- August 2 Cologne, Germany
- August 4 Utrecht, Holland
- August 6 London, UK.

Owl City's "Take It All Away" :

Owl City "Gold":