News - Music video: Bon Iver debuts new clip in support of his single 'Towers'

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While preparing to release the self-tiled album, Bon Iver unleashed the music video in support of his third single titled "Towers". Directed by Nabil Elderkin, which also worked on Iver's "Holocene" visuals, the clip shows an older gentleman with a burly white beard and hair who can best be described as a tower builder, making his way through the forest and shoreline. Just like Iceland in "Holocene," "Towers" is a true tribute to the Native American preservation land in Washington state where the video was shot.

"When Justin [Vernon] sent me a breakdown of what certain parts/lines of the song meant to him I did my best to decode it and curate into something simple," Nabil gushed, "And hopefully the viewer can take from it their own feeling of what the towers represent."

"Towers" meanwhile, was recorded Iver's self-titled studio album Bon Iver, which led them to win Best Alternative Music Album at this year's Grammy Awards. "Towers" gets official release next month, on March 26th. Watch in here Bon Iver's new video.

Video premiere: Bon Iver's "Towers"