News - Music video: Birdman feat Lil Wayne 'Fire Flame'

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Lil Wayne joins fellow rapper Birdman to film a music video for Fire Flame and having Gil Green serving as director.

"The addition to this song is, of course, Lil Wayne and the anticipation of his first video [since he got out of prison]," Green said. "I haven't even spoken to him since he's been out. I look forward to seeing him and working with him again ... The song's called 'Fire Flame' so you're in our fire room. Right now, it doesn't look like much but in a few seconds ... it's going to be incredible. It's going to get real hot in here."

Fire Flame is a single expected to be part of Birdman's upcoming new release Bigger Than Life.

Birdman's video sneak "Fire Flame ft Lil Wayne" :