News - Music Video Debut: Secondhand Serenade 'Something More'

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Declan Whitebloom just made the music video for the Secondhand Serenade's single Something More. The clip captures the lives of some people who stay temporarily in the room and one of those temporary residents is singer/songwriter John Vesely who is occupied with his songwriting.

A self-written song, Something More is driven by a piano melody and mid-tempo percussion. The track is confirmed to serve as the lead single from Vesely's upcoming third studio album "Hear Me Now".

The "Hear Me Now" itself is expected to hit market across United States on August 3. While waiting the effort to arrive in stores, fans can attend John Vesely's on-going tour which will continue at least until September. Remaining dates of the traveling show can be found on his MySpace.

Watch Secondhand Serenade 'Something More' video here :