News - Bjork and Dirty Projectors collaboration teaser clips

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Who knew Iceland's finest musician of ever, Björk, was working with Dirty Projectors? Has it been a secret or something? OK, so they played together earlier last year but apparently there's also something concrete, something recorded, something aimed towards the sky and targeting eternal posterity.

You're itching to hear more of this joining of forces? Good, because there is some. As reported on The Guardian the project will be unveiled on June 30 but until then there's a teaser clip. It actually does an impressive job of teasing, mainly because there's so little of anything at all contained on it, apart from a drone.

While we're talking about Dirty Projectors, they're playing a show at The Barbican, performing their album The Getty Address.

More information and teaser clips have now been brought to the fore. The album will be called Mount Wittenberg Orca, as you could have guessed anyway. The tracks contained on it will be these ones:

1. Ocean
2. On and Ever Onward
3.When the World Comes to an End
4. Beautiful Mother
5. Sharing Orb
6. No Embrace
7. All We Are

Watch some teaser clips from Mount Wittenberg Orca album below :