FES TAYLOR - Talk Is Cheap Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]Please listen to my demo (yeah)But please listen to my demo (uh-huh)But please listen to my demoBut please listen to my demo[Fes Taylor]Now every rapper claim he the illestEvery rapper with a chain claim he a killa'Til he faces situations, Die Harder than Bruce WillisWe'll grapefruit a nigga, snatch ya chain and kill yaYeah, I don't really feel yaFake niggaz kneal to The Great when I appear to yaLife's gettin' scarier, knights in ya areasActin' like the cops is inferiorBlocks, funeral homes, they bury yaMy pants heavier, I carry calibersThe size of excalibur, lookin' for a challengerI twist a silencer, life more violenterHomies twist a Valentine, I'm tryin' to do algebraHip hop calenders, Get Fresh crew staffNah, you ain't down, where the dollars in ya shoe path?I fool around, when it come to hoes, bitches come and goPlus I'ma go, right down to their under clothesSee my hunger grow, I could make the summer snowSo I hustle slow, Benz, get a couple thoseAir bubble those, or the J.O.'sWhatever throws, hotels, clothes, hoes, own a couple thoseYeah, a couple shows, now I'm comfortableThis dough is nothin' though, can't front, I love it yoSee Taylor 2 Fly, I'm in the Coupe highNumbers do lie, if ya payin' for ya air timeYou see my beard line, and the Dax wave grease make my hair shine'07 year, mine, see the people in my buildin' fear crimeBut my hood grow, fuck and sell crack, this year mineAnd the snitches be the ones you smoke blunts withGet ya daughter kidnapped, probably get ya son hit[Chorus: Fes Taylor]See the streets made me and OG's raised meTo be a G, so what you niggaz could say to me? (Nothing)See my peoples love me cuz my peoples hungrySo I feed 'em steak, we was eatin' lunch meatsThey try and leave the streets, I'm tryin' to lead the streetsOpen businesses, oppurtunities, we can eat[Fes Taylor]Paper chaser, Henny with no chasersStill, I could spit it with no paper, pencil or eraserMy money getters, honey hitters, might find ya bunny missin'I ain't trickin', get it twisted, listenTaylor, I stitch it and sew it upNow I learned, put money away, so I guess I'm growin' upStill post up, six in the mornin', catch a smoker rushGame in the cobra clutch, you like a broken DutchYou a grown ass man, how you broke as fuck?Crack niggaz in half, he'll feel it when he sober upFootball dreams, a good boy needsYou was headed down the right path, avoidin' the fiendsI was headed down Main Street avoidin' the D'sYou know, G's claim streets, Rolls Royce through the P'sYeah, I gotta speak, I'm the voice of the P'sTop five rappers, I'm the choice of the thievesHoes yo, have they putty moist and they weaveLookin' like a hurricane hit 'em when they leaveNo disrespect, no hurricanes on my feetAnd you'll never catch me with a hurricane in the streetTalk liquor bottles, talk thicker modelsI toured different obsticles all the time, niggaThey try and leave the streets, I'm tryin' to lead the streetsOpen businesses, oppurtunities, we can eat[Chorus 2X]

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