Jane Eyre movie - Finer Things Lyrics


You have such exquisite taste

Chinese Chippendale

Walls swathed in festoons of silk

Such ornate detail

But there's one thing that is not in this hall

Edward - this house could use a wife!

We're lucky to live

In the great age of elegance

Poetry, opera and art

Sparing no expense

Rembrandt and Breughel and Bosch

In this room

With a rug from Chen Chou

That spent a thousand days on the loom

These are the finer things

And what is finer than a bride?

Pleasure and luxury

That only marriage can provide

The innuendo is implied

Chateau Lafitte twenty-eight

Oh! The perfect drink!

So much more drinkable now

Than last year, I think

Make no mistake

Like the taste of the wine

When it comes to a woman

You must scrutinize the vine

These are the finer things

And she must have what is her due

Priceless engagement rings

A family jewel, or maybe two

And, but of course, my darling - you!

Mozart and Schumann and Bach

Wrote the finest notes

Every cadenza delights

Every cadence floats

Music is glorious

But I declare

When it comes to a woman

Schumann just cannot compare

These are the finer things

That only beauty can supply

These are the finer things

And what's more beautiful than I?

For not a soul could give you more

Arpeggios and trills

Frolics and frills

Soon you will see

Of all your things

The very finest thing

Is me!

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