S-Preme - Nothing Less Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Heard they dressed for bed, fed a bunch of Nyquil
That's weird cuz I sonned them niggas, so really it's light still
I feel better than whoever, nigga, I'll kill
The game and win so many rings I'll wear that shit like chain mail
OK, it's night now. But a nigga just said it was light out
Challenge me, I'll take you out like college games with five fouls
And I know your girl got me on her iPod
Tell that ho I'm for head, like motherfucking eyebrows
I'm Ruthless like the Red Sox
Leave the floor looking like I cleaned it with a red mop
That go out to any motherfucker want to challenge me
Ball so hard like Jay and Ye, you don't even have any
I'm just gettin back to all this business that I got
Close the door, I'll break the locks and have you bitches buying stock
Uh, stupid niggas know I'm hot
Go so deep that you need boats, and fishing rods, and fucking docks

I'm the best man
Nothing less than
I'm the best man
Nothing less than

[Verse 2]

I go deep, I rap like the Pacific floor
High and over heads like that Atlantic Records flow-er
Changing haters minds has become my daily war
I know my after, jersey in the rafters, witness the before
Pause, on the next line, but if you're keeping score
I'm just thirsty for my Chance, like that ugly bitch, New York
That's two fucking middle fingers to my haters
Cuz me falling off is Chris Paul to the Lakers
Bet I blow, any takers?
Nah? That fucking figures
You feel it like it's braille, huh?
Hot as hell, huh? Fire sauce at Harold's
Burning up like Arabs in parkas in the Sahara
I spit that fucking Pepsi shit, burn Michael Jackson's hair up
Haters make me strong, I'd never wish em off me
I'm the greatest, they're all Common, like they're dissing Aubrey (say I'm whack)

I'm the best man
Nothing less than
I'm the best man
Nothing less than

[Verse 3]

Ya, uh, 22's on the Coupe deVille
I ain't got a filter, I say all the shit that you conceal
Hope you niggas hate me too, I want that Lex Luthor feel
Young, rich, and balding, bold as fuck, I keep it super real
Niggas say that hate when rap is dishonest
I bet they hate it more when I'm giving it this honest
I'm fire all the time, all that's left is too decide
If I'll use kerosene and matches, hollow points, grenades or rockets
Right, flow so crazy I could fill a well
And overflow the world and fill that whole shit up with whales
Until they find me, sign me, give me deal
Really that shit seem like jail
Really though, I'm Bishop, Pope and Priesting, I got mass appeal
Ask niggas who killing I guarantee it's Preme
Fresh as the starting five, y'all the JV team
Ya, feels good to be varsity
No wonder all your fans say they favorite rapper awkwardly

I'm the best man
Nothing less than
I'm the best man
Nothing less than

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