Maggie MacNeal - the letter Lyrics

the letter by Maggie Macneal
Waiting for a letter, a telephonecall, a telegram
Yes any answer is allright
I'm longing to be by his side
I wish that I could take this hand
The guitar-player of the BB band
presently he'll be my friend

But I wonder yes I wonder
What my mum and dad will say
I wonder, yes I wonder
If they like him anyway
I'll be his whenever he's asking me

Maybe he's coming - maybe he's not
but if he should come
Oh I thank God
Anyday, anytime, he's just gotta write me
I am his, he is mine, I want him beside me

Morning mister postman
Mama give him tea, the man brings all the good
that I've been waiting for these days
If he could only see my face

I went upstairs and took the letter
Oh I never in my life felt better
But that was until I opened the letter

The BB fanclub wrote, we're sorry
miss but he can't come because there
are so many misses
Who would like to spend a day
with one of our boys
We hope you'll understand, that tha't's impossible
So here for you a picture, signed by all the boys
We hope you're satisfied, we had no other choice
And if you want to be a member of our club
We thank you very much

I thought he was coming
now he is not
He's got my picture
The one with the dog

Anyday, anytime
He still can write me
I am his, he isn't mine
But he's still beside me

©tekst: S.Smit
©muziek: F.Smit/R.Verwey
Warner Bros. Records 1976 Ladybird Productions

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