253 - She Bad Lyrics

And she get it from her mama
See all niggas do it for the streets

Man just look out up the booties switch with them high heels on
wishing the bottoms man I don't know what they call em
me I'm just trying to get oh, 'cause that's what they like yeah
shawty hips state remind me of a Beyonce soul
I wanna pluggin it her body play it all day long yeah
and even do whatever she likes yeah yeah yeah

She's a hot one, hot gun
and if you got one, got one
then you got one, got one
looking shawty rule, rule rule
she bad as a hot..
my shawty bad
my shawty bad as a..

She walk and you keep playin the body singin to me like uhh
yeah, I wanna sign and get the..of the dime yeah
and mama..Rihanna talk shut rocking in designers
I wanna take the whole so she can meet my mama
Uh and we gonna do whatever she like yeah yeah


She a very freaky girl, she get it from her mama
all around the world, like everybody wanna
independent woman, she know where is to lover her
I never wanna say goodbye
just like want the shawty bad, shawty bad
she bad, bad
my shawty bad, bad, 'cause she bad as a..


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