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Gimbal & Sinan - Windfields ft Veela Lyrics

We can fall asleep to horses
The sounds of vagabond lullabies
And if it's cold, it's not important
To us, weathered and wise
Dawn is breaking, lust is waking in our eyes
For the fields that, held you closely as you
And we know that
As we hold the spurs and
Their ruby manes in the sunlight
And we go fast so
The wind stings our eyes
And the thumping pulse on the ground it
Moves us along
We see nothing else but the skyline and the fog
Feel our bodies burn as we're heading for it now
Who should be concerned if we're happy, free and wild
Stay in a pack, we are vicious enough
To gallop on, no mistakes and without pause
Read our minds as the brakes and a cue to take off
Feel alive when we're dead and sufficiently lost

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