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Smoke Dza - Turnbuckle Music Lyrics

(Feat. Action Bronson)

Wicked, wicked production you know how it go man
Ya'll listen to music in your headphone man
0'12 man. New 'tings

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Yo, once again it's the quintessential stud muffin
Slam these bitches, thumbsuckin' they wanna have my kid
My people know how to bid, I focus on how to live
Come through the window come snatch your kiddo while he watchin' nintendo
The people love us though they snub us in the corporate world
Fuck it we lawless ridin' filthy in the taurus with doris, she 85
My neighbor thrilled by wild behavior they get a bloom when I'm in Aruba with a scuba jet

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Yes, kush god daddy I'm on that other flow
That motherfuck that cover tho that hustle move a motherload
That, big boy talk say raps you tryna book a show, gold bottle
Hold the rows kush rolled that's holy smoke
It's turnbuckle music, straight off the third row
Straight on you herbs throats, that's why you birds broke
Tweet tweetin' with your tweetin' ass, we rather count cash and chew some hash
We bout that.

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