Rone - The ABC's Lyrics

Let me just, let me just talk to the people, you know, a little bit
I just wanna talk

Up we've been together don't..
Up we've been together don't..

now work a contract like the CBA
MILF tryin to PDA
but I'ma pass that class with the easy A
always pick cock that's NBC
but I gotta rap but no LCD
PTA is getting PTSD
should have know about me like ESP
I can take it to the bank that's PNC
that I got to donate it to the TNT
and I'm driving go far as the DNV
I'ma take it to the roll END
better get it on cam that's the POV
couldn't get a better shot NCOD
on the MiC is the GOD
wrong TOP DOG

Up we've been together don't.. x 4

And if you ever see the PIMP
better go the other way like INT
investements go with ING
the low cadilla still got ex WNZ
so I'm swinging that bad is the TPX
say I'm very funny put me on TBS
and believe I read news on FOX
I turn the LOL to an SOS
couldn't get a better show let the USO
yeah you ready than the name number OMI
you will get it in a second with an OMG
I can get the cube B like Jay PP
I'd rather get cube P and Jay PC's
I never learned much stacks the ABD
but I can always cool a supper on his ABC's

Up we've been again doctors ...x4

Thanks to Kokow for correcting these lyrics

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