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Storm Calysta - Where My Reality Lies Lyrics

Verse 1:
Take me away from here.
I hear my thoughts too clearly now.
Wake me when the sorceress is near & all that I fear is gone, is gone.

I'll search the forest for my fate,
battle anything along the way, 'til I find some peace in my mind.
Only here do I feel brave,
oh, how I wish I felt this way all the time,
upon the other side,
where my reality lies,
where my reality lies.

Verse 2:
Break me,
you can't when I'm here.
A Paladin will shed no tears, no!
I'm shaking,
the time is getting near.
I can almost taste the fear I'm breathing out,
keep breathing out.


Deep in my eyes,
you can read all my lies.
So, I'm learning to rise & how to fight.
I'm saying goodbye to where my reality lies,
I'm saying goodbye to where my reality lies.

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