Crystal Fighters - Earth Island Lyrics

Earth Island by Crystal FightersGoing about my ways happily
Living luckily
Growing naturally
Speaking softly
Dreaming oddly
Speaking honestly
Embody all ways of life energy
Everything is perfect actually
I know love will come eventually
Amazing obviously

Cos baby I was swimming between islands
The very smallest islands
In the depths of oceans
When the universe opened
Opened to a diamond
Diamond of the chosen
Chosen to enlighten
Life on the island
Silent little island
Rising like a mountain
From the darkest of oceans

When the universe opened
Opened for the diamond
Diamond of the chosen
Born into the ocean
Cos the universe opened

For you

And me


Higher than the summits
Riding the currents
Faster than a bullet
From the gun of a murderer

Higher than the mountains
Shooting through the planets
Faster than a rocket
Flying through the universe

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