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AM KIDD - If You Need Me Lyrics

I see you staring out the window in your scattered room
trying to find the reasons to let go of yesterday
I know you've been going through some things, you ain't gotta lie
I can see the truth written all over your face
Your smile isn't the smile that I once seen, that should be the one thing
you shouldn't think about to change
'cause when it's all said and done, you just need some love
that'll give you hope that change is on the way

But if you fall down, I'ma pick you up
even the best of us need a hand
'cause I know how it is to be far away from home
especially when nobody understands
what it's like to be alone with strangers in the room
and things never seem to go as planned
you just gotta stay strong, keep your head up
if you're feeling lost, you got me that'll guide you back

You don't ever gotta be alone again, I swear
'long as I'm here
you can count on me to hold you down
you know that I got your back
When you feel like you need somebody there
you can count on me to be around
you know that I got your back

Everybody needs somebody
and you got me
You don't ever have to worry
if you count on me

Everybody needs somebody
and you got me
You don't ever have to worry
if you count on me

If only you could see the bigger picture that there's things we can't control
and understand that some things are a phase
People come and go out of our lives and it happens for a reason
not everything is caused by a mistake
I know you've been down and out but you should keep in mind
that you don't always have to be the one to take the blame
so if you ever wonder why the bad things happen
just know it's only here to make you stronger than today

but if you fall down, I'ma be right there
I can be the one that makes things easy
when these nights get cold and if you're on your own
I'ma stay close to you if you need me
if you feel far away from everything you know
and things that you love lose it's meaning
just know that you got me to remind you to smile
and I'll be right there for you

You ain't gotta be alone again

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