Gord Lang - The Stranger Lyrics

Broken and bleeding and left there to die
Stripped of all dignity - wounded I lie
A site to the curious - a pity to see
Some even passing their judgment on me
They see that I’m needing their help but they don’t even try

Along comes a Stranger who’s passing my way
He seems to know all that’s happened today
I don’t have to ask He knows just what I need
Skillfully cleansing my wounds as they bleed
The love that He shows – tells me more than words ever could say

He finds me a place where He says I can rest
Always beside me - I know that I’m blessed
Whatever I’m needing the price has been paid
Now and forever the sacrifice made
There’s hope for the weary and liberty for the oppressed

If you’ve been abandoned and left by life’s road
A victim of chance or the seeds that you’ve sowed
I bring you Good News of a Stranger that’s near
Speaking the Word that you’re longing to hear
“Just give Me your burdens – allow Me to carry your load”

He’ll never forsake you or leave you alone
He’s still got a purpose for you as His own
No matter what happens His promise is true
Nothing’s as certain as His love for you
His tender compassion is deeper than you’ve ever known

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